“A highly original and promising debut … For a debut novel, this is unusually polished” Bea Davenport, author of In Too Deep and This Little Piggy

“I gave the first book 5 stars as I enjoyed the story so much, but I think this sequel is better, so 5 stars again! The story of Barclay and MacDonald continues nicely from the first book “When she was Bad”. It was really good to read the backstory to favourite characters in this sequel and to start to really understand them, together with a HUGE OMG moment with Barclay mid way through the book. Once again, this is a fast page turning adventure, set in South London with historic Greenwich together with trips to Kent. I would advise putting a few hours aside with a nice glass of wine and to just get engrossed in the action.“A witty fast paced page turner of a book. As soon as you start you just have to continue reading so you can find out what happens.”

“If you have not read the fantastic first book, When She Was Bad, I would highly recommend it, Bad for good is Neil’s second venture for the characters, Claire MacDonald & Barclay, this book takes you on a high octane roller coaster ride through London and beyond with plot twists along the way.
Neil has built the characters in the two books and you are immersed into their lives on every page, his use of locally knowledge makes the characters and story all the more believable, Bad for good is a great follow on from the fantastic When She Was Bad, I cant wait for the next instalment.”

“Engaging characters carry you along on a fast moving journey of escapades with just the right amount of thought provoking intrigue and jeopardy.”

“I’m considering reading it again, it’s a proper page turner! Fantastic debut novel”

“Couldn’t put it down, a really enjoyable read, I was hooked from the first chapter.”

“This novel is extraordinary in many ways. It’s crisply written, witty and entertaining with plot twists that keep you guessing throughout. The author has created characters that should endure and endear for years (and sequels) to come. Looking forward to their continuing adventures... Bravo!”

“The more I read the more I wanted to read. I couldn’t put the book down and I was eager to see where the author was going to take me next. I can’t wait for the sequel!”

“If you liked the first book, then you’ll love this second one. Claire gets funnier by the minute with some great one-liners. Look forward to reading the next instalment of MacDonald and Barclay.”


“It left me wanting more, both of these characters and this writer.”

“Neil Bailey’s writing is sharp, snappy, funny and insightful. His protagonist, Claire, is wonderfully clueless, self-obsessed and up for anything in an almost Famous Five kind of way.”

“A really good summer read especially if you like some fast paced drama, lots of London scenes and a strong female lead character.”