Coming in 2018

A quick update on how my books are selling and what I’m planning next.
The amazing news is that the downloads and paperback sales for the Barclay & MacDonald books When She Was Bad and Bad For Good have now topped 1,500 copies. Incredible. Thank you so much.
What is more, the number of Kindle downloads for both books soared through the summer which is great news, and paperback sales were strong, too. New reviews have been positive but I can never have too many – please review my books on Amazon and Good Reads if you have a moment as it’s the best way to get new readers.
Over the summer I’ve started writing the first draft of my next novel, The Ghost’s Story. It’s a standalone thriller (no Barclay or MacDonald this time) and I plan to publish it next year. Here’s the briefest of outlines to whet your appetite:
‘The Ghost’s Story chronicles the death and life of journalist Adam Graves. It begins with his murder in a brutal hit-and-run incident that leaves the police baffled, but although Adam may be dead, his spirit finds that it cannot rest in peace until it solves the mystery of who killed him and why. As his body is laid to rest, Adam’s bewildered ghost travels through his past, revisiting the dramatic events that ultimately led to his untimely death.’
As you can see, it’s quite different from what I’ve written before.
I wrote a possible opening for book three over the summer and (this is exciting!) it will be appearing in a Penguin anthology shortly. I’ve uploaded these first pages as a PDF, so click here if you want to see how the earliest draft began. I’ve already rewritten these chapters which means this ready-for-Kindle download is an exclusive - most of it won’t be in the published book.
Let me know what you think.